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Architectural Planning

Aside from the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the physical design of the building, the planning component is when the designer incorporates the use, function and needs of the inhabitants of the building project and produces workable and effective construction plans and specifications.

Our firm provides all kinds of layout plans, elevation and architectural sections, submission drawings required for approval by the Municipal corporation, land approval papers and sanctioned drawing details.

The professionals of Arcade Infra has an extensive knowledge of all requirements of and secure the approval of all state and local governmental agencies ( e.g. planning commission, zoning commission, building department, etc.) that control the use and occupancy of the project being designed and all applicable building codes and standards that control how the project is to be constructed.

R.C.C. Designing

R.C.C. structural design deals directly with the structural strength and integrity of buildings or structures. It includes planning, designing, and structural analysis.

R.C.C. Structure design is a combination of concrete and steel reinforcement that are joined into one piece and work together in a structure. Building a structure without considering the structural design of it always remains under the high risk of collapsing under its own weight or due to the environmental pressures.Structural designing is hence crucial to construction projects as it directly impacts the safety and durability of the structures.

The RCC designs served by Arcade Infra has the potential to withstand all kinds of dead loads and live loads upto permissible limits, anti corrosion, resistance to weathering and durability.

Interior Designing

On the most basic level, a good interior design improves a space by making it better suited to its purpose. When a space is well-designed, it doesn’t just look good. Great design goes beyond decorating and luxury furniture to ensure that everything in the room serves a function. The interior of home has a lot of psychological impact on the people living there. Color composition, space maximization and arrangement of furniture is taken into consideration with utmost care by Arcade Infra interior designers.

We keep in touch ourselves with all the trending themes of interior designs like:

Rendering and Elevation designing

In order to illustrate life-like experiences of how a space of building would look like before they are built, we show walk-throughs, 3D views in accordance with climatic modulations. We make use of latest softwares such as Rhino, 3Ds Max, Maya, Lumion, Sketch-up, Revit Architecture, etc.


Our in-house experts in the domain have vast knowledge of all the possible defects and faults that can be caused during construction. We take care of providing high quality building materials and make use of hi-tech construction technologies for our projects. On time construction completion.

Estimation and Costing

We provide estimation and costing of buildings in order to let our clients know the current marketable cost of their buildings. Our architectural planning team has in depth knowledge and even has completed several costing projects of our valuable clients.

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui

Being in India, almost every Indian family wants to follow these ancient home planning strategies for their homes. We at Arcade have successfully completed many private residential projects by following all the vastu shastra basics. Ultimately, client’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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